About Us

How we got started

The idea of opening our business started with one simple question asked by a complete stranger, “Do you know someone that can paint my house?” My answer was very simple, I do! I can paint your house. Previously, I worked for big companies back in New York and had all the experience I needed, so I decided to proceed and gave this lady my number, little did I know she was an interior decorator. After painting her house she asked me how in the world I didn’t have a business running, she loved it and told me how much talent it takes to make a house look beautiful. She said everyone these days call themselves painters but I truly am a professional painter. I went home that night thinking maybe I should open my own business and take it from there. Well I did and I made only one phone call, yes the interior decorator and she had a lot of work. This is how our business started in The Villages. Now, we serve Central Florida and work nationally and internationally.

We care about our work

Our painters pour love and respect into their work, treating your home with the same care they would their own. We are a family-owned company that places an emphasis on both restoring beauty to homes and customer service.

Your home is your biggest investment and so it makes perfect sense in giving all it needs to be its best and most comfortable. Our painters lovingly restore and rejuvenate the surfaces of your home so that it’s beauty once more stands out and remains intact. We work with homes both large and small, interiors and exteriors, and bring an artisanal attention to detail to our work. Whether it’s a small home painting project or a large painting contract, we take just as much pride in every stroke. If you are painting a stairwell or dining room ceiling Cordova Painting is just as detail-oriented and precise on small home painting projects as we are on large interior and exterior painting contracts.

Our expertise shows in our work!

We take pride in our work and we’re good at what we do. Our clients are always happy with our work that we leave behind!

Since 2008 we have been trusted with the Leesburg and Villages Medical Centers for all of their painting needs.

We have been contracted by Vesta Modular to complete projects in the Bahamas.

Ready to let us paint your world?